Art experience

My art is multi-disciplinary which includes 2D and 3D work and ranges from the very small to large installations.

The work is often an intuitive response to our ancestry and explores suppressed memories. Apart from large installations I also follow these themes working on a smaller scale making boxed pieces which are a collection of objects that together take a glimpse at our past and waxed (encaustic) art, which incorporates collage and altered books. The altered books are about the passing of time, the left hand side (the part we have read) represents the past and that part is sealed because we cannot alter it; the right hand side is the future, which sometimes contains glimpses of what that might be.

Since graduating from Brighton University in 2005 I have worked in a studio in St Leonards and have exhibited widely.


Finalist in the “Fifty over fifty” art awards, Brighton in 2006

Finalist in the EAC art awards, The Mall Gallery, London 2007

Winner Sara Lee Trust, design competition 2008